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Monday, November 30, 2015

Podcast #66: Caroline Kawashima: Diversity in Tech PR, Mentoring & Olivia Pope

Podcast #65: Pete Nischt: KickStarter, #LoveThe Wall & Akron Public Schools

Podcast #64: Rand Fishkin: Content Marketing Tips, Handling Depression & The Princess Bride Geraldine

Podcast #64: Jeff Rohrs: Audiences, Team Building, CLE, NYC & SNL

Podcast #63: Arestia Rosenberg: The Daily Beast, Content Marketing & Gene Wilder

Podcast #62: Brent Wesley: Bees, Kickstarter & The Akron Honey Company

Podcast #61: Bridgestone Invitational 2015 Digital & Social Media Strategy

Podcast #60: Joddy Eric Matthews: Director, 50 Fathers

Podcast #59: Jesal Trivedi: How To Build a Virtual Team, The Phat Startup & Tech 808 Conferences

Podcast #58: Maya Schenwar: Prisons, Data Policing and The Profiting of House Arrests

Podcast #57: Dane Brugler: 2015 NFL Draft: Bryce Petty, Cleveland Browns & Jerry Jones

Podcast #56: Matt Waldman: 2015 NFL Draft: Jameis Winston, Bud Dupree, Ameer Abdullah & Cleveland Browns

Podcast #55: Brent Sobleski: 2015 NFL Draft: Marcus Mariota, Landon Collins, Malcolm Brown, Tyler Lockett & Cleveland Browns

Podcast #54: Montel Hardy: 2015 NFL Draft: Brett Hundley, Amari Cooper, Bears, Cleveland Browns

Podcast #53: Kelly Amis: Code Oakland & Hacking The Silicon Valley

Podcast #52: Keith Carmack: Kickstarter & The Pete Hill Negro Leagues Documentary

Podcast #51: Bridging The Tech Diversity Gap in Cleveland w/ 'We Can Code It"

Podcast #50: Cameron Koa: Soundcloud, Chillstep and #WCW Sisterly Love

Podcast #49: Misty Copeland: A Dancer's Life in Motion, ABT & African-Amercian Ballet

Podcast #48: Rachel Wilkins Patel: Coding, Cleveland & Her Ideas in Motion

Episode #47: Joel Stein: Tales From Fiverr, Airbnb, Uber & The New Sharing Economy (Time Magazine)

Podcast #46: Arabella DeLucco: Girl Dev Week, CES & Women in Tech

Podcsat #45: April Wilson: Analytics, Online Privacy and Wonder Woman

Podcast #44: Courtney Wesh: Black Success Summit 2015

Podcast #43 Dana Cowin: Mastering My Mistakes in The Kitchen, Food & Wine and Task Rabbit

Podcast #42: Bernard Perrine: 2015 Social Media Trends, Kinkos & Bucks vs Ducks

Podcast #41: Freddy Lopez: Social Media, Technology & The NBA

Podcast #40: Scott O'Brien: Kickstarter & Cleveland Sports Coloring Books

Podcast #39: James Lopez: The Phat Startup & Boss Up & The Tech 808 Conference

Podcast #38: Chase R. McCurdy: Phtotography Tips From a Passionate Photog