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Friday, October 25, 2013

Digital Life Podcast #16 Rachel A. ( Social Media, Kobe, #WCW w/ Andre Drummond & Jeanette McCurdy

On episode #16 of, the Digital Life podcast, Kevin Lockett talks to Rachel A. (DeMita) from, which covers all things sports entertainment and social media.

 During their discussion, the fellow Ohioans discuss Kobe Bryant &; Blake Griffin's digital influence, Rachel's sports background including playing division one basketball at Old Dominion as well as Detroit Piston's Andre Drummond & iCarly's Jeanette McCurdy' s  social media courtship on Twitter and Instagram.

Check out bonus clips on, where Kevin & Rachel talk Lebron James looming free agency with the Cleveland Cavs and Miami Heat as well as what was the mood of  Rachel home base of Los Angeles during the Dwight Howard fiasco.

Be sure to follow Rachel at @RADeMita & @Sportsbuddyz on Twitter.

 Episode Twitter question: Which athlete, sports journalist or team to do you follow on Twitter. Use #MySports and tweet your answer to @KevinLockett.

Digital Life Podcast #15: Edwardo Jackson (SwagPoker): Poker, Social Media & Life

Photo: Twitter
On episode # 15 of the Digital Life with Kevin Lockett podcast, Kevin talks to professional poker player Edwardo Jackson, who is also the social media director for

If you are a poker lover or or a fan of the @Swagpoker tweets on Twitter, this is a fun and interesting show to download.

Episode Twitter Question: What has been the biggest risk you have taken in life? Use #MyRisk and send your response to @KevinLockett on Twitter.

Be sure to check out bonus clips on , where E. Jackson talks Bitcoins and the connection bewteen Game of Thrones and poker.

Digital Life # 14: Maurice Martin on Winslow's Web Series, SXSW & Music Licensing

On episode #14 of the Digital Life, Kevin Lockett talksto Maurice Martin, lead singer of the rock/soul band Winslow.

With a hearty assist from Little Fish Records & Tinder Box Music, the Akron/Cleveland based band is part of growing number of artists who are using music licensing to find audiences (MTV, NASCAR, Bad Girls Club).

During the conversation, Maurice talks about the band's experiences at South by Southwest, their love of food, the love they have performing and his thoughts on what special each band member brings to Winslow.

The band also has a popular YoutTube series called "The WInslow Chronicles" and recently scored the music for the Cleveland Browns documentary "Red Right 88"

You can find out more about Wislow at or on Twitter &  Instagram @WinslowSoul.

Here some bonus clips at

Digital Life Podcast #13: Rich Heldenfels's Fall TV Preview & House of Cards at the Emmys (Part Two)

During part two of the Digital Life interview, Kevin Lockett talks to's Rich Heldenfels about the fall television season, including Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, N.C.I.S. and The Black List. 

Be sure to listen to part one at to hear Rich's take on the return of Arsenio and Jimmy Fallon's move to the Tonight Show as well as Rich's use on online video and Twitter to do pop culture reviews. 

You can follow Rich Heldenfels on Twitter @rheldenfels and Kevin Lockett at @KevinLockett. Hear bonus clips at

Digital Life Podcast #12: Rich Heldenfels on Twitter, Arsenio Hall's Return & Bunheads (Part One)

During part one of the Digital Life interview, Beacon Journal's pop culture critic Heldenfels discusses Arsenio Hall's return to late night, Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno, using Twitter and doing online video reviews for NewsChannel 5 in Cleveland as well as his thoughts of ABC Family dropping "Bunheads". 

Be sure to check Rick's Fall TV preview on part two of the podcast at as well as his thoughts on Bruno Mars & the N'Sync reunion at 

You can follow Rich Heldenfels on Twitter @rheldenfels and Kevin Lockett at @KevinLockett