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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Digital Life Podcast # 9: Prentice Penny, Creator of The Hustle on Fuse TV



Do you want a season 2 of The Hustle? 

Contact Fuse Television today and tell them how you feel about the show?

For more bonus clips from the podcast visit, where Prentince Penny talks about the differences betweeen producing The Hustle vs. co-executive producing "Brooklyn Nine Nine,"  as well as thoughts on the Magna Carta as he rates it against his favorite Jay-Z albums. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Digital Life Podcast # 8: David Meerman Scott on Social Media and Life

On the latest edition of the Digital Life, Kevin Lockett talks to author David Meerman Scott on the fourth edition of his classic social media book. "The Rules of Marketing and PR." During the discussion Mr. Scott talks about digital media tools including Google Plus, crowdsourcing' using video to tell a story as well as how he has changed since his first book was released in 2007. Check out his thoughts on Branding and Grumpy Cat at Also try out the twitter app at You can reach Kevin at or